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With 22 years’ worth of experience in the drinks trade in Norway and the U.K, we’ve developed a sophisticated palate and an eye for quality. Travelling the world in search of exciting new flavours and drinking experiences has given us a breadth of experience that enables us to spot undiscovered brands just crying out to be better known. Be it arcane microbrews or obscure but delicious local gin and whiskeys, Einer Drinks will always bring you something tantalizing, delicious and new. 

Following trends is easy. Setting them is harder. That is what we aim to do; to bring vitality to the market, to innovate and to educate. Many people see alcohol as a luxury, we see it as an intrinsic part of good living; as integral to the home as the food we put on the table and the hearth we gather around. 

We believe that fine beverages belong to the realms of the spirit and the soul. Einer Drinks is far more than just an importer, it is your portal to the higher realms of drinking consciousness. Let Einer Drinks be your guide - come with us on the journey.

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